about foutas

an introduction

Foutas are a chic lifestyle essential. Whether used as an accessory in home d├ęcor, travel, or outdoor leisure, foutas are stylish solutions for all your needs. They are 72 in. x 40 in. (182.88 cm x 101.6 cm), come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, and are multifaceted. Foutas are 100% cotton machine-washable towels made in Tunisia. They were originally used as towels in the hammams (sauna) and are still used there today. But the fouta has now transformed itself into a lifestyle movement.

where to use them

Foutas can be used as towels, shawls, and wraps for the pool, beach, sauna, and park, as throws on a chair, and as tablecloths. The warm color of the fouta used as a tablecloth is the perfect accent for a summertime lunch on the porch. The soft texture adds sophistication to a picnic in the park, and the geometric patterns enliven your experience at the pool or gallivanting on the beach. Foutas will complement any jaunt in the sun or your indoor leisure and activities. We recommend mixing and matching your foutas for versatility or pair them for the perfect gift.

a little history

I became familiar with foutas after living in Tunis, Tunisia for a year while studying Roman mosaics on a Fulbright scholarship. I befriended Tunisian architects with whom I am very close, and they introduced me to the foutas. I realized that these towels were ubiquitous and used throughout the household and beyond. While walking through the medina in Tunis, there were vendors with cupboards full of vibrantly colored foutas. My friend Senda has two-dozen or more foutas in a variety of colors and patterns, and we would lounge around her pool in them, wear them, dine on them and use them at the beach. I could not resist buying a few of my own and as presents for friends. When I had visitors from home, they would buy foutas to bring back for themselves and friends, and I realized that there was a void in what was available back home. I believe that the foutas will answer a lifestyle need, and moreover, demonstrate that we can buy products from Africa for profit and pay fair prices.  view collection