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Fouta Travel: A blanket, a shawl, a seat cushion in Japan

On a recent weeklong trip to Japan, I encountered the sprawling city of Tokyo with its population of over 13 million, and then bullet-trained it to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, for its peaceful temples (when not teeming with tourists and school groups). My senda charcoal black fouta came with me every day, folded […]

A Tunisian Wedding

For two weeks in August 2008, I returned to Tunisia for Zina’s elaborate wedding and to visit friends and places I had reminisced about for the past two years. I took the long multi-carrier journey from New York City to Gabés in the south of Tunisia for the wedding, and then traveled up along the […]

foutas…a little history

I became familiar with foutas after living in Tunis, Tunisia for a year while studying Roman mosaics on a Fulbright scholarship.  I befriended Tunisian architects with whom I am very close, and they introduced me to the foutas.  I realized that these towels were ubiquitous and used throughout the household and beyond.  While walking through […]