foutas…a little history

I became familiar with foutas after living in Tunis, Tunisia for a year while studying Roman mosaics on a Fulbright scholarship.  I befriended Tunisian architects with whom I am very close, and they introduced me to the foutas.  I realized that these towels were ubiquitous and used throughout the household and beyond.  While walking through the medina, there would be vendors with cupboards full of vibrantly colored foutas.  My friend Senda has two-dozen or more foutas in a variety of colors and patterns, and we would lounge around her pool in them, wear them, and use them at the beach.  I could not resist buying a few of my own, as presents for friends, and bringing them back to NYC.  When I had visitors from home, they would buy foutas to bring back for themselves and friends, and I realized that there was a gap in what was available back home.  I believe that the foutas will fill that gap, and moreover, demonstrate that we can buy products from Africa for profit and pay fair prices.